Don't Stink it Up

>> Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who takes out the garbage at your house? Do you wait until the can is overflowing? Do you stick your foot in and smash it down so more garbage can fit in? If left too long, and with certain kinds of garbage, it will begin to stink up the house.

Do you have some personal garbage you need to take out … or have you been smashing it down … pretending it’s not there? 2011 is a fresh year. Don’t stink it up with leftover garbage.

There can be many kinds of garbage in our bag … holding on to resentment … unforgiveness … wanting revenge for a wrong done. You get the picture.

How heavy is the garbage bag that you are carrying?

If you fail to break free of these barriers of the past, your new year will be just like the last … still going in circles. For instance, in the Bible when God led the Hebrew people out of Egypt, they headed straight for the Promised Land. That was an eleven day journey.


Instead of moving forward with an attitude of faith, expecting good things, they went in circles, focusing on their problems, always complaining, and fretting about the obstacles standing between them and their destiny. They had to let go of past hurts, pains or failures before they could move on.

Don’t let your past determine your future.

No matter what you’ve gone through, no matter how many setbacks you’ve suffered or who or what has tried to thwart your progress … you have a new year before you. Don’t stink it up. Only you can know the garbage you are carrying around … and only you can let it go.


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