The Goal

>> Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yesterday the Seattle Seahawks played the New Orleans Saints. Everyone knew the Saints were going to win. But people watched the game anyway. The Saints scored and heads were nodded. Yep. That’s how it was going to be.

My husband and I went to Costco. Folks were talking about the game. The Seahawks were ahead. Huh?

When we got home, we turned on the television … just in time to see Marshawn Lynch (someone I had never heard of) run 67 yards for a touchdown. The clip of that run was played and re-played. Lynch fought off seven tackles before crossing the goal line.

The Seahawks won the game.

The sermon at church this morning began with that illustration. Lynch was focused on one thing … the goal line.

As a Christian, I want to be that focused on one thing … being Christlike. But daily I get tackled by impatience, pride, being judgmental … etc. I watched the re-play as Lynch twisted, jumped and pushed his way past those tackles. He was in great physical condition and could handle them.

To be able to handle my reactions to life that tackle me, I need to be in great spiritual shape. Reading the Bible, praying, listening to biblical teaching … these are ways that enable me to stay focused on the goal … being Christlike.


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