Holding Hands

>> Monday, January 24, 2011

My husband, John, and I had been on our Friday night date … getting a bite to eat and going to a movie. We hold hands a lot. As we were leaving the movie, he was in front of me … squished in with all the other people headed toward the exit. I saw his hand reaching back to take mine. But a man had come between us.

John kept trying to hold this guy’s hand … and the guy kept swatting him away. I, of course, was doubled over laughing. When the crowd dispersed, John asked, “Why wouldn’t you take my hand?” Due to my laughter, it took awhile to tell.

There is Someone who is trying to take your hand. Do you keep swatting Him away? Maybe you’ve been told He is mean … does bad things to you … makes you go to Africa and live in a jungle. Maybe you’ve never really understood who He is. You are afraid.

Take His hand. It’s safe. He loves you … wants to go on a lot of dates with you … more than just Friday nights.


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