Unraveling ... In Crocheting and Life

>> Saturday, May 28, 2011

I’ve been crocheting since I was six … and now I’m 68. My projects have included many afghans; for both babies and adults. At the age of 12, I crocheted a dress for a one-year old. Shawls, tablecloths, dish cloths, scarves and hats are some of my finished pieces. I’ve used very thin yarn and some yarn so bulky I had to buy an oversized crochet hook.

And in all those projects, not one of them has been unblemished.

When you crochet, you make mistakes. I’ve been several rows along when I looked back and realized my error. It’s easy to unravel something that’s been crocheted. Just pull on the yarn and all the stitches disappear and become just yarn again. Depending on how long the incorrect stitches were there before you noticed, the unraveled yarn may not lay straight any more. You might end up with a pile of crinkly yarn. But you can still return to the point of error and re-do the stitches.

In my 68 years, I’ve made life mistakes too. The older I get, the quicker I am to realize I’ve made an error in judgment. It’s fairly easy to make amends and resume the relationship. But as I’ve aged, I’ve decided it easier to not make the mistake in the first place. So I try to watch what I say and do.

It’s the mistakes that lie there dormant for years that are hard to repair. It’s not as simple as pulling on the end of the yarn and unraveling back to the point of error. Sometimes it’s hard to even find the end to pull on. Other times, the mistake has been there so long it’s almost impossible to separate the rows of yarn. The threads seem to have melded together. In crocheting, I’ve even had to just cut the yarn, tie a knot and continue on.

As I look back at my life, I’m pleased to be able to say that I have repaired most of the errors. Some will never be fixed, and I have had to learn to live with that. But today, I know of some work that needs to be done. I’m not sure how to accomplish it … and I may have to just cut those ties. Perhaps tying a knot will help. When you do that, the finished project has a bump in it, to remind you of your mistake.

Crocheting is a relaxing pastime and when I’ve completed a project; I have a feeling of accomplishment. As I look at the relationships in my life, most of them bring a feeling of relaxation and accomplishment. Just as I will keep crocheting until my fingers can no longer hold the crochet hook, I will keep on working on the relationships in my life.

In crocheting … and in life … God has helped me create some beautiful projects.

“God doesn't want his children holding grudges.”
Phil. 4:2 (MSG)


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