That's the Way He Works

>> Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The words to the song we were singing made me think of all my blessings. The list played in my head as the congregation moved to another song. That’s when I thought of it … the $100 bill tucked in my purse … my Christmas bonus. My needs were abundantly taken care of and I had money to spend.  

Memories moved through my mind … of the years when my needs weren’t met … when I didn’t have enough food. There may be someone here today whose life is like that. We began singing a Christmas song, but I replayed that last thought. What could I do for someone here today?  

“There is that $100 bill tucked away in your purse.”  

That’s when my conversation with God began. Yes, there may be someone here who needs help financially. But there are hundreds of people here. How could I possibly find the one who needs it?  

I glanced at the single lady I knew struggled with finances. But I also knew she had people helping her. I wondered if there was a young couple who wanted to have a few things for their children for Christmas.  

If there is someone here who needs my $100, then you are going to have to show me.  

The sermon was wonderful, with many thought-proving illustrations and scriptures. Yet my mind kept returning to my $100 bill. At the end of the service, the elders and their spouses go to the front of the sanctuary to be available if anyone needs prayer. My husband took my hand and we walked forward.  

I saw two women inching their way through the people on their row. They headed toward the front … started to walk past us … and then turned and moved to stand in front of us. The older lady said, “She doesn’t speak English so I’m here to tell you what she needs prayer for.” (Pause … I have a problem with people who live in our country and don’t learn our language. It irritates me. Nice, huh?) “She is trying to get to Oregon to her children for Christmas.”  

I looked at the younger lady. Such sad eyes. My heart did a little lurch.  

So we placed our hands on their shoulders and my husband prayed that God would help her find a way to get to her children. (Another pause … I knew the older lady lived at the Mission. If I gave my $100 bill to them, it could get stolen and never used for what I intended. That’s just me being nice again.)  

Church was over and suddenly there was a friend asking me for someone’s address.  

As I reached for my purse I explained, “I’m on a mission. Can you wait a minute?”  

I walked across the aisle … took the younger lady’s hand … placed my $100 bill there and curled her fingers around it. She nodded her head. Did she even understand what I had given her? Getting the attention of the older lady, I explained to her what I had done. Her exuberant reaction nearly knocked me off my feet.  

As I returned to where my husband and friend stood waiting … tears in my eyes … my mind was still wondering about my $100 bill. Would it help her get home to her children?  

“It’s not your $100 bill. It was always Mine. You’ve done your part. Leave the rest to Me.”  

So I picture the lady … sitting on a bus … headed to Oregon. I envision hugs and laughter when she gets to her destination. Her eyes are no longer sad.  

That’s the way He works.  

"I'm in charge of mercy. I'm in charge of compassion. Compassion doesn't originate in our bleeding hearts or moral sweat, but in God's mercy.

God has the first word, initiating the action in which we play our part for good or ill.” Romans 9:15, 18 (MSG)


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