It's the Small Stuff that Gets Us

>> Saturday, January 21, 2012

The weather forecast for 6” to 8” of snow was not good … and I had to be at work … early. But upon arising at 4:45, there was just a skiff of snow. No problem. So I followed my normal routine and went to the gym. An hour later the roads were covered, but still doable.  

So I drove to work.  

My office has no windows. Hard at work, it was an hour later when I glanced out the front windows. It resembled a blizzard out there. The flag across the street was standing straight out … and the snow was flying.  

Not good.  

More work … and then another check on the conditions. The flag was obscured by the snow. Between me and home was the Columbia River with a bridge that had a history of wrecks in weather like this. Reports began to trickle in … cars spinning out … highways closed.  

I wanted to be home.  

With the necessary work completed, I headed out … taking an alternate bridge. With a grip on the steering wheel, I stayed focused on everything … road ahead … cars beside me … cars behind me.  

I crossed the bridge and was still moving. Now I had several choices for which street would have the least hills to get me to the west side of town. Choosing one, I traveled slowly through the narrow streets of downtown. Not wanting to come to a complete stop at the stop signs, I kept my wheels turning just a little … glancing all directions. There weren’t many cars on the road.  

Up ahead I could see a hill with a stoplight at the top. I used all my mental powers to tell that light to stay green until I passed through that intersection. If I stopped on the hill, I just wasn’t sure how far backward I would slide.  

It stayed green.  

Roundabouts are tricky. They resemble skating rinks after a few hours of snow and traffic. My mind was constantly thinking ahead to the next obstacle I would face. Finally I was within blocks of my home. Never before had I realized my subdivision had hills.  

And then I turned into my street … with my house up ahead. I began pushing on the garage door opener. I was almost there. As the door opened, I turned the car into the driveway, slowing down for the turn. Too slow. My tires were spinning. Checking my rear view mirror to make sure no cars were parked across the street, I put the car in reverse and backed out into the street. Going way too fast for my comfort … the garage door is only so wide … I gunned my way up my driveway … hoping I wouldn’t slide on the concrete when my tires left the snow.  

It worked.  

Life is so like that. There are obstacles everywhere. We need to be on the alert all the time … watching ahead … behind … beside us … never knowing exactly when the next difficulty will arise. And with that awareness, we keep our minds, bodies and souls safe. Then we relax. Something as simple as our own driveway is certainly not an issue.  

That is when we are most vulnerable … when we think we’ve arrived.  

Keep a cool head. Stay alert. The Devil is poised to pounce, and would like nothing better than to catch you napping. Keep your guard up.” I Peter 5:8 (MSG)


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