>> Saturday, February 25, 2012

By definition, expectations are just that, something expected. The media is full of talk about expectations … politics … body and home makeovers … talents.
I’ll leave the politics alone. But the body makeover shows give the contestants huge expectations that are unrealistic and unhealthy when talking about results. The young, impressionable audience watching these shows is already self-conscious about their body image. If they buy into these expectations, they are in for a lifetime of unmet expectations and perceived failure … sometimes dying … to achieve that skinny body.

I’ve watched some of the American Idol programs. Contestants fainting … being taken to the hospital and given IV’s to hydrate their abused bodies. Being the next American Idol is all they live for. If they can just attain that status, life will be forever great.

As I’ve listened to the politicians … seen videos of young people starving themselves for beauty … and watched the singers, I’ve been thinking about expectations … especially when it comes to church. I’ve seen people leave over a name change on the door … or because the singing is boring … or too loud.

We all have a set of expectations for our church. Many simply expect the church will always be like Jesus. Are those expectations reasonable, much less Biblical? My church did a study in the book of Acts for 40 days … and found conflict, complaints, dissension, factions and unmet expectations.

I learned years ago, that a church is full of people who are going to act like people. They may disappoint us, hurt us and tick us off. No church will mesh perfectly with our ideal of what the church is supposed to be.

There is only one Person who can meet all expectations, so we might as well learn how to get along in the only church we have here on earth.

Exactly why do we go to church anyway?

“Hallelujah! Sing to God a brand new song; praise Him in the company of all who love Him.” Psalms 149:1 (MSG)

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