>> Saturday, April 21, 2012

A post on Facebook caught my attention. A friend was having problems with scorpions … on their living room floor … and then on their necks. Instantly I was transported back to my time spent living in Stinnett, Texas.  

We, too, had scorpions.  

At the age of three, my daughter was taught to turn her house shoes upside down and shake them before she put them on in the morning. Scorpions loved to sleep there (or whatever they did in there). Checking for scorpions became a way of life … one I did not enjoy.  

As a Christ-follower, I’ve had to learn about shaking off the scorpions … pride … judgmental attitude … busyness … and the list goes on. These attitudes sneak up on you unawares … while you are sleeping. It’s not enjoyable to have to check for those scorpions, but very necessary. And if I miss a day … it just might be that very time one has shown up. Not only do I need to be aware of attacks on me personally, but if I love others I also want to warn them.  

Certain species of scorpions have the capability of killing a human being. Certain attitudes can cause grave damage to my spirit … and could be fatal if allowed to continue.  

It can be difficult and time consuming to control scorpions … but it can be done. First you have to thoroughly clean your home. There are insecticidal dusts or sprays that finish the job. I love it that one of the insecticide products is called Demon WP.  

When checking for spiritual scorpions … first I must clean house. It’s amazing what I can find in the corners. But I pull out my Demon WP … better known as the Holy Spirit … and do a little spraying.  

Works every time.  

Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing will injure you.” Luke 10:19 (NASB)


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