Lessons from Our Dog

>> Sunday, May 27, 2012

We’ve taught our dog, Charlie, to talk to us before he receives some benefit from us; such as a treat, meal or a walk. If he barks, he loses. What we desire is a soft growling sound that signifies to us he is requesting the offered favor. Sometimes he works his mouth for several seconds before he emits any sound. Other times the movement ends with a whiny yawn.  

Yesterday I placed his food in his dish … carried it into the room where he was … and waited for him to indicate he wanted it. First he ran back and forth … tail wagging furiously … looking at me the whole time.  

That didn’t get it.  

Then he tried a series of short barks. I still stood holding his filled dish. As I watched him, I related to his actions. I knew he wanted the food. All I required was that he ask … not pace in agitation … not bark in demands … but ask.  

How many times have I paced back and forth … wanting something from God … but never really asking? Or maybe I’ve used short, clipped sentences to make my demands known.  

The God I know and love wants to give good things to me. He stands ready and waiting. But just as we don’t always give Charlie everything he asks for … such as food that wouldn’t be good for him … God takes into consideration what is best for me. Before He will acknowledge my request, I must stop my agitated thoughts … stop feeling He owes me … stop whining … and come into His presence with an unassuming attitude.  

Charlie finally asked nicely … I placed the dish full of dog food before him on the floor … and he began enjoying his meal … tail wagging … which brought a smile to my face.  

I want to ask in a way that makes God smile.  

“The poor speak in soft supplications; the rich bark out answers.” Proverbs 18:23 (MSG)


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