Crash Dump

>> Sunday, June 24, 2012

It happened again. The blue screen of death … crash dump.  

I try to live a good life … be a nice person … and treat my computer right. Yet I’ve now seen the blue screen of death on at least five different computers. My heart does a little lurch when I see the words “crash dump.”  

The first one took me totally by surprise. I lost everything. I began to rely heavily on advice from our computer technician. He scheduled backups to a disk so if the blue screen happened again I would still have my information. Sure enough … it did. But I had no worries … I had my backup disk.  

But guess what? The new computer could not restore from the disk. It was unreadable. All was lost again.  

And so over the years I have learned about backups and external hard drives and cloud storage … all information I never wanted to have to learn.  

Isn’t life like that?  

We never know when the blue screen of death may occur. We live our lives being nice and treating people right. And then one day we experience a crash dump. My first one occurred with the word divorce.  

And so I began to rely heavily on Someone who knew all about crash dumps. I turned to Him again and again … learning all about His restoration program … that never had a glitch.  

As long as He is my backup, I never have to worry about that blue screen of death. I have the perfect cloud storage … heaven.

“And he answered them, “To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven…” Matthew 13:11 (ESV)


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