Digging in God's Dirt

>> Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It happened again. I learned a lesson about God from my dog.  

We’ve had Charlie, our dog, since April, 2011 … and he’s never been a digger. So imagine my surprise when we returned home from church on Sunday to discover the contents from one of my planters on the patio … spread around like decorations on the concrete.  

My investigation of the damage showed some of the plants no longer had roots. He’s suddenly become a vegetarian?  

Even though he was disciplined … we had to remember that after all … he is a dog. Those were my thoughts as I tried to salvage the uprooted plants. The pot still needed some work … only 2/3 full. But it can be restored with the purchase of more flowers.  

Rising from my knees, I noticed that the water in Charlie’s dish was dirty and almost empty. I cleaned it out and gave him fresh water. That’s when it hit me. As a human being, trying to follow Christ, I mess with God’s plan. I dig in His dirt and uproot what He has designed. I leave a trail of damage.  

After all … I am human.  

But God cleans up my messes … and even gives me fresh water for my soul. He surveys the 2/3 full pot and restores it to fullness … filling it with beauty and life.  

Have you been digging in His dirt lately?

“Human effort accomplishes nothing.” John 6:63 (NLT)


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