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>> Saturday, August 4, 2012

My daughter, Lorri, recently moved from Oregon to Georgia … and she drove there … all 3,366 miles … just her and two cats. Before she left, she made a plan … with the help of AAA. They provided detailed maps and directions. She knew where she would be stopping each night, how long she would drive each day and when she would arrive in Georgia. I was given a copy of the map with the highlighted route so I could travel along with her. 

It all looked great on paper. 

Halfway through Day 1 her air conditioner quit working. That fact had not been mentioned in the plan … since she was headed to Wyoming, Colorado, Texas … places with daytime temperatures over 100. She sweltered across Wyoming and into Colorado, where an uncle and his family could possibly help her.

They were unsuccessful, so after spending a night in southern Colorado, so she forged on through west Texas … the AAA plan all forgotten. Her goal now was San Antonio where another uncle lived. Part of the plan had been to listen to music and books on tape as she traveled. With the windows down to get air movement, the noise drowned out any chance of listening to anything. 

Even though Day 4 had been scheduled to get her to New Orleans, she spent the day in San Antonio while repairs were made on her car. Leaving San Antonio in the evening, Day 4 blended into Day 5 as she drove through the night. She crossed Louisiana, Mississippi and into Alabama, where her air conditioner quit again. 

She reached her destination in Georgia the evening of Day 5.

Isn’t that exactly how life is? We have a plan … a good one … all laid out. Maybe our plan is marriage and children … and then we are unable to get pregnant. Or perhaps attending college is the plan, but suddenly the funds dry up and it’s necessary to get a job to help provide food for our family.

Life gives us no guarantees.

But there is one Plan that is sure … and guaranteed to work. With Christ as our guide, we can know each step of the way that He is with us. Even though times look dark, He will lead us through the night … sometimes carrying us in His arms. As we journey we can turn to Him morning, noon and night.

And when we reach our destination, He will be there to greet us with open arms.

“Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow.” Psalm 25:4 (NLT)


doyoumeanwhatiknow August 23, 2012 at 5:47 PM  

Best laid plans :) Yes, God's are best. I hope she made it without melting! Angie

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