Watering a Dead Plant

>> Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall was coming and the flowers in pots on the patio were looking gangly and used up. It was time to put them away for the winter. But one flower was lavender … and a perennial … that meant it would bloom again next year. So I transplanted it to the landscaping around the edge of the back yard.

For days it looked dead … lying lifeless on the rocks. But I faithfully watered the limp greenery … the faded flowers. Days passed. Then one morning the stems were no longer flat on the ground.

Was there life left? Only time would tell.

The next spring, the transplant stood straight … blooms appeared … and it beautified my yard with its lavender flowers.

Recently, with some changes being made in our landscape, that very same type of plant needed to be moved from a corner of the back yard to a spot in front. And so I transplanted it. And now it lies on the ground … lifeless. But because I know it can revive, I faithfully water that dead-looking plant every day … more than once a day.

And I wait. Will it spring to life again?

As I contemplated my plant lying on the ground … looking lifeless … I thought of how life is like that. Sometimes in a relationship situations change and it looks like the relationship is dead. But if the relationship is important to us, we water it anyway. Maybe it’s an adult child … and it could take years for the relationship to show signs of life again.

Just keep watering.

Or maybe it’s a marriage. I’ve been there too. The relationship can revive and become even better than before. But just as it takes time and effort for me to remember to fill a watering can and walk to the front yard several times a day to water my lifeless greenery, it takes time and effort to make those relationships work.

Just keep watering.

And on this day … as we remember 9/11 … we can be grateful that even though our nation looked dead and destroyed, the people of America knew we could come to life again.

And we kept watering.

Your days of grieving are over. All your people will live right and well, in permanent possession of the land.
They’re the green shoot that I planted,
planted with my own hands to display my glory.
The runt will become a great tribe,
the weakling become a strong nation.
I am God.
At the right time I’ll make it happen.” Isaiah 60:20-22 (MSG)


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