Eating Oatmeal Always Makes Me Thirsty

>> Thursday, January 17, 2013

Last night I enjoyed a bowl of oatmeal for dinner. Since I try to limit my intake of liquid in the evening … to insure a good night’s sleep without having to get up … eating oatmeal in the evening was not a good plan.

Eating oatmeal always makes me thirsty. And so I drank … and drank.

A few weeks ago I met a friend for lunch at a Mexican restaurant. She recently acquired braces … and had been instructed to drink no carbonated liquids. She used to have a Pepsi a day, so she is suffering from withdrawal. As we visited before the waitress came to take our order, she related her struggle to me.

Eating Mexican food always makes me want a Pepsi. But I did not indulge.

Yesterday a close friend … who is trying to lose weight … shared with me about going to a birthday dinner at a Chinese restaurant. When the meal was over and the fortune cookies were given out, she reached for one and broke it in two, ready to pop half in her mouth. That’s when she remembered she had sworn off sweets … and so placed the cookie on her plate. Her comment was, “It’s amazing how much we eat by rote.”

Eating Chinese food is always accompanied with a fortune cookie. Now she just reads the fortune.
How many other areas of our lives are made to conform to cravings or habit? As I’ve pondered that question through this day, I’m very aware of many of mine.

What are you doing by rote?

“So please don’t, out of old habit, slip back into being or doing what everyone else tells you.” 1 Corinthians 7:24 (MSG)


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