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>> Thursday, October 24, 2013

I spent some time this morning in a hospital waiting room…sitting with a friend. She and her husband are good friends…and he was having a medical procedure with possible complications. I didn’t want her to sit alone.

Turns out she had plenty of family to wait with her.

But my thoughts turned to the times I’ve been the one sitting in some waiting room, with my husband behind those ominous closed doors that say “No Admittance”. At times I’ve sat alone…other times there were several friends with me…each person arriving with their own mode of operation.

Some want to talk…constantly. Some seem uncomfortable with the seriousness of the situation…so make jokes. Others are inclined to go and do something for me…to bring gifts. Behind all the various behaviors is one driving thought…to help me through my time of distress.

And then there is the one who is just there. No words are necessary. I know if I have a need, all I have to do is say so. Their love and care exude from their very presence. They have learned to just “be”.

As a Christ-follower, my desire is to just “be” for others. If they want words, I can do that. If laughter would help, that can happen. If a drink from Starbucks would mean caring to them at that moment, I can hop in my car and go.

But above all, I want my love and caring to be obvious as I just “be”.

“Cultivate inner beauty, the gentle, gracious kind that God delights in.” I Peter 3:4 (MSG)


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