Dirty Hands

>> Sunday, November 24, 2013

When my kids were little…after a day of playing outside…I would tell them to wash their hands before dinner. From the bathroom would come sounds of water running and various conversations.

“You didn’t wash your hands good enough. There’s still dirt right there.”

“I got my hands washed first. You’re just slow.”

“Your hands are clean enough. A little dirt is okay.”

Competitions. Comparisons.
Isn’t the same true in life? There’s always someone who will tell you exactly where your dirt is. Or maybe they take life as a competition and they want to finish first. Others are quite willing to keep a little dirt. It won’t hurt anybody.

As a Christ-follower, I want to be careful about that kind of behavior. Even though I have washed my life with God’s love, it’s not my job to tell someone else where their dirt is. They are already all too aware of the issues in their life that are dragging them down. Nor should I go around expressing pride in my status as a Christ-follower…with the attitude of what’s wrong with you?

Then there are those who want to get by with as little Christianity as possible…just enough to make it to heaven, but not interfere in their earthly passions. My heart goes out to the empty life they lead.

Jesus is in the hand-washing business. No competitions. No comparisons. Just clean.

“Since then, you’ve been cleaned up and given a fresh start by Jesus” 1 Corinthians 6:11 (MSG)


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