Stinky Messes

>> Sunday, March 16, 2014

It’s a repulsive job.

As I walked the back yard…eyes searching for the next little present…I thought about what it must be like to have someone available to pick up your messes.  Dogs give no thought to the disposal of their excrement. They play, sleep, smell, eat and poop.

But before you get too disgusted at my topic and me…just hold on.

What about us? We go about our daily life…working, playing, sleeping, eating…and making messes…and I’m not talking about the mess left in the kitchen. Who cleans up after us? Sometimes our spouse or friends come to our aid. But when the fallout of our actions produces consequences in other’s lives and there seems to be no restorative answer, where do we turn?

In my life, I’ve had what I consider to be some rather large messes. I’m so grateful I learned about Jesus, who cares about the details of my life…and my stinky messes. He never turns away or holds His nose.

He comes alongside and helps me clean up my life…one mess at a time.


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