One String

>> Thursday, June 5, 2014

One evening the great violinist, Niccolo Paganini, was playing one of his favorite violin concertos before a packed house. As he was building his performance to its climax, one of the strings broke. With one string dangling down, he never missed a beat; just improvised with the remaining three strings. And then the unbelievable happened…another string broke. Again, he continued with his concerto on two strings, with two strings hanging useless.

He was almost to the final crescendo of the magnificent concerto when another string broke. The audience watched, spellbound, as he completed his performance on just one string. Paganini spread out his arms and before he took a bow he said, “One string and Paganini.”

He made more music out of one string than other violinists with four.

I have heard of other people who have continued to play with one string. I think of Joni Eareckson Tada…paralyzed from the neck down as a teenager. With her one remaining string, she has helped millions of disabled people around the world. I’m sure you can think of others.

My life cannot compare to hers, but I have experienced what it is like to continue with just one string. At first, it seemed my one remaining string was out of tune and near breaking. But I chose to focus on my one string, rather than on the useless ones dangling down.

And I began to make music again.

You may be staring at your broken strings. They are of no use any more. It’s time to turn to the One String…with a lifetime guarantee…that offers you the ability to make magnificent music in your life.

“What a beautiful thing, God, to give thanks, to sing an anthem to you, the High God!
To announce your love each daybreak, sing your faithful presence all through the night,
accompanied by dulcimer and harp, the full-bodied music of strings.” Psalm 92:1-3 (MSG)


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