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>> Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I am not a morning person. Left to my own devices I would stay up until midnight and sleep in until 9:00.  But life happens.  Especially now that I have a neighbor who comes by and picks up the dog to take him for a walk a little after 7:00 each morning. So my plan is to already be through at the gym by the time the dog walker arrives.

I set my alarm for 5:45.  That’s AM!  It’s still dark outside.  That’s just wrong.

The other morning, I swung my feet off the side of the bed, searched for my house shoes and turned on the lamp on the nightstand. All the activity roused the dog, so I let him out the back door to take care of his business. By the time he returned, I had donned my exercise clothes, complete with baseball cap so as not to scare anyone, and was ready to leave.

I walked through the kitchen and happened to notice the time on the clock on the stove. 12:24. When did our electricity go off? I looked up at the clock on the microwave. 12:24  What is going on? So I pulled my iPhone from my pocket. It would tell me the truth.

12:24  I have no idea what woke me. 

I checked my alarm on the phone. It was still set for 5:45.  The confused dog watched me walk back in the bedroom, take off my shoes and climb back into bed. When the alarm went off, I would already be dressed.

But sometimes life is just like that.

We think something is an absolute. We go through the motions, based on our belief system. And then something a friend says makes us wonder about our belief. But we dismiss it. We find something unusual in a drawer. Again, our belief system kicks in and we choose to ignore that sign.

Eventually, the truth is discovered. The result of that discovery is up to us.

“Don’t be nitpickers; use your head—and heart!—to discern what is right, to test what is authentically right.” John 7:24 (MSG) 



>> Saturday, September 19, 2015

I succumbed to the pressure.  All around me I heard comments about the FitBit and its ability to keep track of how many steps I had taken in a day. I wasn’t sure I cared about that, but I was a little curious, since I walk on the treadmill every morning. Apparently, 10,000 steps a day was the goal.

The promo was outstanding regarding what it would do for me. It could help turn my life into a fun path to fitness.  I would now know the distance I walked each day and the calories I burned.

Any day, I would be skinny. 

But the FitBit affected me in a different way. If I cared so much about how many steps I took each day, how many miles I walked and how many calories I consumed to ensure my physical health…then shouldn’t I care about my Christian fitness the same way? Where, exactly, was the device that would keep me on track regarding how much I prayed, read my Bible or just enjoyed quiet time with God?

I still go to the gym first thing in the morning; my FitBit hooked to my clothes so I can track my movements. But as I get dressed and reach for it, my mind turns to God…to my blessings…to people who need prayer.

That little device is a constant reminder to me that more than just my physical health is at stake.

“His very breath and blood flow through us, nourishing us so that we will grow up healthy in God, robust in love.” Ephesians 4:16 (MSG)


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