Protection in Bad Weather

>> Sunday, July 10, 2016

My vagabond child, Lorri, can’t seem to stop traveling. Not only did she and I drive from my home in Kennewick, Washington to Banff, Canada and back the first part of June, but she also packed a U-Haul and drove from my home to Columbus, Georgia.

That took care of June.

On the fourth of July she climbed in a rental car (because hers had been rear-ended and was in the shop) and drove from Columbus, Georgia to San Antonio, Texas. That’s where my one remaining sibling lives, my brother Tony. I volunteered to be her weatherman as she drove those 13 hours.  Weather was not an issue.

I want you to know I take my job very seriously.

Her plan was to leave San Antonio this morning and arrive in Columbus early tomorrow.  Just before I climbed into bed last night I checked the weather app. OK, so I think it’s fun to watch the radar, figure out the direction the storms are going and keep tabs to see if I know what I’m talking about.

I’m a meteorologist wannabe.

Her entire route home said thunderstorms. And we know what thunderstorms can be like in places named Houston, Beaumont, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Mobile and Columbus.

So I prayed and fell asleep, placing her trip in God’s hands.

Before church this morning, I checked the radar.  It wasn’t good. She was going to have some pretty rough weather to drive through. I hope she got an early start. Not so.  As I was leaving church I received a text that she was headed out. I sat in my car and checked the weather on my iPad (which I brought with me for just that purpose). It showed she could get as far as Lake Charles before the weather became a factor.

At Sulphur, just west of Lake Charles, she checked in again. I consulted the radar. My text told her the weather had moved north and she could proceed to Baton Rouge before she hit bad weather.

Each time I checked the radar, the weather ahead of her was clearing. My next text to her said, “Lorri, I am watching God clear the way for you.  Praises.”

This is a blog in progress. She is one hour from Baton Rouge now. If she wants to keep going the road ahead is good. Prayer works.

“You…provide a warm, dry place in bad weather…” Isaiah 25:4 (MSG)


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