My Guide Has a Name

>> Thursday, November 18, 2010

We have a new house … which came with a new garage. J So it’s taken me a little while to get comfortable driving in. I have only inches to spare on each side of the car … or I lose a mirror.

Right in front of my car is the furnace. I’ve chosen to use it as my guide. There is a small notch on my windshield wiper blade. That notch needs to be just at the left edge of the red box on the furnace. And to make sure I am in far enough, the hood of my car goes right at the bottom of that red box.

It works every time.

Life is like that. We need a guide … a focal point … to help us as we take this journey. If we get too far to the left, we lose something. If we stray too far to the right, we are in trouble. We need a guide we can count on to always be there … in the same place … every time.

My Guide has a name … Jesus.


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