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>> Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It all started 15 years ago when my friend gave me a ceramic church and said, “I think you should start a village. Here’s your first piece.” Over the years … with help of friends and family … my village grew to a small town … which I named Cottonwood. At Christmas time, the living room of our house became a village.

Then we built a new home. As I looked at the plans … and watched the house go up … I knew the day would come when I would have to decide what to do about my village.

That day came over the Thanksgiving holiday.

As I unpacked each piece, I was assailed with memories. Our granddaughter helping put it up. My grown daughters having a turn at arranging it. Borrowing neighbor children, when putting it up alone was no fun.

And always Christmas music and hot chocolate.

So I sorted … pausing to remember … as I released the village. The table in the front hall has some houses. The window sill in the living room has the business section … with a grocery store, dentist, antique store, book store and café. The mantel is graced with a bank, City Hall, bookstore and café, (notice I love books) a school and church. And on a table in my room is a bed and breakfast, two large houses and a carriage house.

The other half I gave to my daughter. She teaches middle school … and plans to make memories with her children as they arrange and re-arrange the village.

There will be Christmas music and hot chocolate.


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