The Human Diet

>> Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our dog, Charlie, is gaining weight. In just a little over three months, he has developed fat little sides. When we got him, he was too thin … but we have certainly remedied that. The scoop we purchased for his dry dog food can hold two cups (well, it could until he chewed the top part off). We are supposed to be giving him one cup twice a day.

But when it’s feeding time (6:00 am and 6:00 pm) we’ve never been able to fill to just that one cup line. We’ve always given him more. So today I purchased a new measuring cup … just a one cup size. If we scoop up too much, the excess will fall off. He doesn’t know it, but he’s on a diet. One controlled by the humans in his life.

Oh, if it were that easy for this human. Just like Charlie, I love to eat. I need to have my food placed in front of me … equivalent to Charlie’s one cup … and then not have access to any more until my scheduled time to eat again …just like Charlie.

When it’s getting close to feeding time, Charlie begins to pace the floor. If that doesn’t work he’s been known to try to climb in my lap … to get in my face … and say feed me. He weighs 50 pounds. He’s not getting in my lap.

I’ve been known to pace a few times. I’ve tried all the tricks in the book … not so I will be fed … but to keep from eating. It just seems like it would be simpler if I could keep my food in the garage in a plastic container … out of sight … out of mind … and have someone bigger and stronger than me control my food scoop.

Any takers?

“Oh listen, dear child—become wise;
point your life in the right direction.
Don't drink too much wine and get drunk;
don't eat too much food and get fat.
Drunks and gluttons will end up on skid row,
in a stupor and dressed in rags.”
Proverbs 23:19-21 (MSG)  


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