Venice ... Or Is It?

>> Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Taking down Christmas decorations, I placed them in the living room … making a central spot for packing later. But I couldn’t reach the wreath above the fireplace. My husband, John, would have to help me there. The picture of Venice that belonged there was in the storage room, so I brought it out and propped it against the wall for hanging. As I hurried to do something else, I saw I had placed the picture against the wall upside down. Fleetingly, I wondered if John would notice.

More chores … more taking down decorations … and then I spied the wreath among the decorations. I glanced above the fireplace … and sure enough, John had helped me. There was Venice … upside down. He, too, had hurriedly hung it in place and moved on to something else.

As I stood and looked at the picture … which now looked like an abstract painting … I thought about life. Sometimes we see things from a totally different perspective than is intended. If we hadn’t been in such a hurry, we would have noticed the small detail that the picture was upside down. But other issues seemed more important.

Is there a life picture you may be looking at that is upside down in your mind? What happens if you rotate it? Does the true picture come into focus? Who is in charge of how that picture is hanging? Can you change it?

Or do you like abstract art?


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